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        Article Summary

        The Framework has a state-of-the-art ID Scanning service ready to be enabled.

        GetID (IDScan) offers document data verification and extraction, face to photo biometric analysis, comparison and scoring, as well as liveness checks.

        GetID (IDScan) can be used both as part of your sign-up flow or as a stand-alone service.

        Key Concepts

        With GetID (IDScan), you can verify and authenticate ID documents at scale and in real-time.

        • ID cards, passports, driver's licenses, residence permits from 223+ countries supported
        • All relevant data is automatically extracted from the supplied documents
        • Dozens of features that allow to check/assess document validity and authenticity
        • Fast and accurate results in real-time
        • Latin and Cyrillic script and diacritical symbols/marks/accents
        • Optional functionality to enable an advanced face matching service and liveness check

        How it works

        From the legal documents, GetID (IDScan) can extract a large amount of information about the user.

        Scanned documents, user data and final results will be available both via an API and via a back-office.

        By default, applications are stored for 30 days but the storage period can be extended on request.

        If you have any questions about the service, please contact our Support Team at

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