How to get started
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How to get started

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1. Fill in the form and we will schedule a demonstration meeting

2. We will discuss several questions at the meeting, including

  • What channels are used to collect customer data?
  • What countries are your clients from?
  • How do you ensure due diligence when dealing with data?

3. GetID sets up a client account in two steps.

  1. When the legal arrangements are complete, the GetID team sets up the client environment in the AWS cloud.
  2. When everything is ready, the client is provided with API keys and credentials to access the portal to connect the Mobile and Web SDK to the Customer Portal.

Integration can take from 30 minutes to several days, depending on the complexity of the business requirements.

Free trial, sandbox work

The test period includes the full functionality of the GetID platform. You can perform up to 50 verifications in a maximum of 14 days. Thereafter, all settings will be saved for your full operation. To start the free trial, you need to accept the terms of service, including GDPR requirements.

If you need a test sandbox, we will create one exclusively for you within 1 hour. You start running tests and get our ongoing support whenever any questions arise. Once the contract is signed, you get a working environment and switch the integration from your sandbox to PROD.

You can start using the service without testing. You can move on to the integration stage immediately after our meeting and signing the agreements.

What's Next