Service Status
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Service Status

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A quick status check of IDscan services and subscription to incident notifications can be found at

The history of messages and statuses over the last two months is published on a dedicated History page.


The notification messages contain the publishing timestamp, short description of a possible incident, affected area(s) (geo), services and affected clusters.

The notification may additionally include the following information about an incident:

  • the date and time of the beginning of an incident;
  • a short description of the incident;
  • the cause of the incident;
  • systems and components affected (if the incident occurred via technical means);
  • background on the incident detection;
  • categories of affected Personal Data;
  • number of affected data subjects;
  • the incident status as at the time of submitting the notification and actions taken so far;
  • date and time the incident is expected to be resolved, or the date and time when the incident was resolved.
  • If not all information listed above can be given immediately, IDscan will provide the information step-by-step as soon as possible.

The history of messages and statuses published in the last two months is accessible on the dedicated History page.